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Welcome To My Home Page
Welcome to the online home of Harvest Moon Candles. Here you can find premium hand poured soy wax candles in a variety of fragrances and colors. We use only cotton or paper cored wicks that are completely lead free. Soy wax burns cleaner than paraffin wax with little to no carbon build up and soot.
16 oz. Tin Top Apothecary Jars~$17.00
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7.5 oz. Homestyle Canning Jars~$9.00
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5 oz. Candle Tins~$6.00
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Harvest Moon Candles

Please remember that these are handmade items. Please allow a minimum of two weeks for delivery. Closed for the season December 15th through New Years.

Flat rate shipping: $8.00 per U.S. order (one shipping address only) $15.00 for Canadian customers

Stay tuned for new scents coming soon for fall...


Apple Cider-The scent of fresh fall apples combined with mulling spices creates an aroma reminiscent of fall. Best seller

Bamboo-Asian spices, grassy notes, citrus, jasmine, cyclamen and lavender make up this amazing exotic fragrance

Banana Nut Bread-Hot steamy banana smell with a touch of nuts baked in a warm bread

Biscotti-Warm crispy cookie with a touch of almond, makes your mouth water when you smell it

Blackberry Sage-Tart fruity smell of blackberries with the aromatic quality of sage unite for this unique fragrance

Blueberry Muffin
-Juicy ripe blueberries in a hot sugary muffin

Buttercream Crunch-Creamy coconut, sugary sweet maple and rich butter mingle with a heart of fresh ginger, nutmeg and decadent cocoa. A touch of vanilla is the precise finish to this fragrance. Best seller

Carrot Cake-Lightly spiced cake with a cream cheese frosting

Caramel Pecan- Mouthwatering buttery caramel with a hint of pecans will delight your senses and remind you of fall

Casablanca Lily-Fresh floral lily smell

Chiffon Cake - Creamy vanilla cake with a hint of orange zest make this baked confection sure to be a best seller

Cinnamon Bun-Just out of the oven, hot and gooey rolls

Citrus Peel and Pine- Sweet notes of refreshing orange, zesty grapefruit and tangy nectarine unite. Comforting notes of precious woods and fresh pine needles make this fragrance a seasonal favorite

Coconut Cream Pie-A coconut lover’s delight, sweet and creamy

Country Clothesline-The smell of fresh linens waving in the breeze

Cucumber Ivy Mint-Clean and refreshing, green and floral all describe this unique fragrance that finishes with an aromatic mint twist

Egg Nog-Warm and creamy Holiday drink with a touch of Nutmeg and spice

Fresh Linen-Clean floral perfume fragrance reminiscent of billowing breezes and fresh cut flowers

Gingerbread-Fresh and buttery gingerbread men baked to a crispy cookie finish in this delicious fragrance

Hot Apple Pie-Warm and juicy cinnamon apples bubbling in a flaky crust

Lemongrass-Tart fresh lemon, a great odor eliminator

Lilac-True blooms, floral and sweet, like standing in a grove of them

Melon-Very realistic sweet ripe melon

Plumeria - This full bodied floral fragrance has notes of jasmine, osmanthus and neroli. This is combined with fresh green and fruity notes for a lift and a hint of spices for added dimension

Pumpkin Pie-Warm pumpkin and clove baking in a crust, a great homey smell

Pine Forest-Aromatic cedar pine tree smell

Rain-Clean smell, floral

Sage and Citrus-A personal favorite, almost an herbal fragrance with a floral finish

Spiced Cranberry-Tart and sweet, very authentic cranberry with the added dimension of cinnamon and spice. Best seller year round!

Snickerdoodle-Warm crispy vanilla cookie with a sprinkling of cinnamon and sugar

Snowberry - A luscious blend of logan berries and strawberries combined with cooling peppermint and zesty cinnamon

Sugar Cookie-Sweet cookie with a hint of vanilla

Vanilla Grapefruit-Fresh citrus grapefruit with a touch of vanilla to take the edge off. Best seller

Vanilla - Smooth creamy vanilla

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