About The Company
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Harvest Moon Candle Company 1722 CR 100 N, Villa Grove, IL 61956 Susan@harvestmooncandleco.com

About our staff
Harvest Moon Candle Company is a one "man" operation. My name is Susan and I am the chandler. We live on a farm in central Illinois and raise corn and soybeans.

What makes us unique
I set out to make a cleaner burning candle than a parrafin wax candle. The soy wax solved this problem while also creating a new market for the soybeans that we raise.

Other advantages of soy wax:
* It is a non-petroleum renewable resource.
* Environmentally friendly
* Contains no pesticides or herbicides
* It is biodegradable
* Burns longer and cooler than paraffin wax candles

I use only lead free cotton or paper cored wicks!